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SGM accepts students on an on-going basis throughout the year. The times that are most typical and conducive to a seamless entrance are during our summer program (July-August), September or February. Depending on availability and a variety of considerations, the application and enrollment process takes approximately 2-3 weeks including the week allotted for a thoughtful phase-in schedule for each child.

We encourage you to plan ahead and give yourself as much time for enrollment as possible. Doing so ensures that your child's spot in the class will be secured well in advance of the start of the program.

Step #1 Schedule a classroom observation or tour
Classroom observation is one of the best ways to better understand the Montessori approach. We strongly recommend that both parents/caregivers (when applicable) make time for an observation. Observations are available in the morning by appointment, and take approximately 45 minutes. We ask that adults make themselves fully available for this observation. Thus, we kindly request that you make arrangements for childcare off-site prior to your visit. 

Step #2 Submit the new student application and registration packet

The application must be submitted prior to the parent-teacher interview/home visit, and allows you to select program & payment plan. The registration packet contains the necessary health forms, permissions, and emergency medical information that we are legally required to have on hand for every child under our care. A $75 nonrefundable fee should be submitted along with the application.

Step #3 Schedule a parent-teacher interview
After your tour, a home visit or parent interviews will be scheduled for your family to determine readiness for the classroom. Your child may attend the parent interview and will engage in a quiet activity if present. Parent interviews can be attended by one or both parents and take about 30 minutes. Home visits are scheduled for prospective toddler families and allow for the teacher and child to be introduced in a familiar environment. These visits last about an hour.

Step #4 Sign the enrollment agreement
After your child's readiness is assessed and enrollment is accepted, a signed enrollment contract will be issued to you. Upon signing this agreement, your child is fully enrolled and his/her place in the class is secured.

Step #5 Phase-in & Orientation
A phase-in schedule for your child will be developed by the teacher and communicated during the registration process. This is a critical practice, common to most Montessori schools, and ensures that each child settles with ease into the environment. Please anticipate a flexible phase-in schedule during the first full week of school, even if your young child is enrolling in full-time care.
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