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The complete Montessori Primary program is a comprehensive three-year cycle, serving children from 3-6 years old. Mixed-age classrooms and carefully prepared environments are the primary means by which children construct their own knowledge and learn about themselves and the world around them.


The teachers have the responsibility of keenly observe their students, helping them make connections and striking a delicate balance of offering just enough support so as to avoid frustration but never so much that they'd take away a learning opportunity from a child.

The classrooms are thoughtfully designed to foster an appreciation for aesthetic beauty, order and respect for the environment. This well organized space coupled with high expectations of grace and courtesy sets the foundation that creates a peaceful environment and allows freedom of choice and self-direction.


SGM's values of community, respect, self-reliance, individualized and experiential learning reflect the Montessori philosophy which recognizes the human impulse for autonomy and desire to experience the interconnectedness of all things.


Maria Montessori identified this age group to be in a period of having an "absorbent mind". This is a period where learning is an effortless experience and as such is an ideal time to embark on the Primary program. One key indicator of readiness for this program is visible when a child is out of diapers and is able to toilet independently or with minor supports.

We use a child's age as a consideration for program placement but do not move children through programs according to arbitrary birth dates. Rather, we look to the child to display these markers of developmental readiness and follow their needs accordingly.


If you are just discovering this program and have a child over age 3, fear not! We do accept children over the age of 3 to the primary program who have previous experience in a Montessori Primary classroom. Depending on the developmental needs of your child, we may recommend an abbreviated cycle or the complete three years as an older student.


If you're like many parents, I'm sure you're considering the longer-range educational path for your child. SGM aspires to offer a complete Elementary program in the future. Typically, our students go on to have successful transitions into other school systems whether they be elementary Montessori programs, other private schools or the public school system. As your child nears their final year with us, we work together to begin to prepare your child for the transition.

The foundation provided at SGM sets the stage for a life-long love of learning!

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